King Of Učka – 2019

The road from Icici, which begins on the sea level and leads to Vojak, the peak of Ucka mountain, is the perfect cycling playground and a challenge for all cycling enthusiasts and hill climb lovers.Whether you are a professional cyclist, an amateur or just a … Continue readingKing Of Učka – 2019

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Tour Of Croatia

The Tour of Croatia is a men’s cycling stage race that takes place in Croatia. It is part of the UCI Europe Tour and is rated by the UCI as a 2.HC event, the second tier of professional stage races. The race takes place in April in the build-up to the Giro d’Italia.

MotoGP – Mugello – italy

Al Mugello non si dorme There is a famous saying adopted by the circuit “Al Mugello non si dorme” meaning “At Mugello you do not sleep”. Morning, noon and night the camping grounds are roaring with engines, music and voices. As usual, the Italians maintained their notorious reputation … Continue readingMotoGP – Mugello – italy

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