Honda CBR 1000RR

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One of those once in a life moments when everything just fits. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time! That’s how I got the first and exclusive photo of the new Honda CBR100RR.

It was a nice sunny day and I was having a quick snack at the racetrack bar “Deda” with my friends Saša and Damir when we saw a matt black SUV with a camera crane entering the racetrack. Curious of what was going on, I took a photo with my phone and went to get my gear (Nikon D800 and 70-200 lens) from the car. The moment I step on the stands and took the camera from the bag, I hear: “No photo – no photo!” screaming at me from some guy standing there.

I was not going to argue there and decided to go outside the track and just wait. Right when we were approaching the car a bike stopped in the box and from the parking lot I took a few photos of the bike and the rider. Then we went outside the racetrack and stopped at a place with a view of the long “Zagrebački” coner.

A few minutes later the bike and a van with two photographers on board passed in front of us. That was it… went home.

Not even sure that was the new unseen bike from Honda, I posted the photos on Twitter. The thousand likes and retweets just confirmed that in the morning.

A big thanks to all the specialized moto magazines that contact me in the following days, wanting to publicate the photos.